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First 10 users are exempt from the application process. Please post ONE work of your own and the categories you wish to have access to.


Do you feel lucky punk? poetic___slap is a literary criticism and rating community, where you have got to be intelligent and creative with your writing to cut it. We don't hold ourselves to poetry, though the owner/maintainer is extremely partial to it, we also accept prose, short stories, articles, essays, and anything else your brain can cook up. The members in that section will then judge you. The scenario is a bit complicated, which makes it even more difficult to get in...let's see if you can follow the game plan!


There are 3 catagories in which you can apply. Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. The members of those catagories will be the ONLY ones allowed to rate you with a YES or NO vote. See the following list to find what category your entry would fall under:

-All forms of poetry [rhyming, free verse, haiku, acrostic, cinquain, ballads, couplets...]

-Short stories
-Chaptered Stories
-Sub-Categorys [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery...]
-Creative Writing [Fictional Diaries, Fictional Newspaper clippings, Fictional letters...]


After submitting your piece along with the questionaire, the users registered under your applying category will rate you. You may apply for 2, or even all 3 if you wish. Please make a seperate application post for each. If you wish, provide the link to your first application for the questionaire portion, or you may just copy and paste.

*Title your application post "The Scent of Fresh Paper" to ensure you've read the rules.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the application process please, do not hesitate to ask the maintainer:

email: xcinematiclife@netscape.net
aim: xcinematiclife (also linked on community page)
journal: matgroupie



accepted; charisma + buddeepal + kvschwarts + father_heretic
rejection; NONE


accepted; charisma + kvschwartz
rejection; NONE


accepted; charisma + kvschwartz
rejection; NONE


Rating: You can be as critical as you wish, you can get a bit testy, use some insults, but if people start getting scared away I'll be more strict about the attitudes in the community.

Grammar/Syntax/Spelling: Use your fucking brain please. It's a LITERARY COMMUNITY. That means I expect everyone to use proper English, none of this "LOLZ @ U" bullcrap. I will not tolerate anything other than complete sentences and intelligent speech.

Posting: Please feel free to post your pieces for opinions, criticism, and praise. Post all entries behind an lj-cut and give it an informative tag line. Please, one post per piece, except when applying. Then make a seperate lj-cut for each of your pieces in your single application post. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be a post-whore. Post-whores will be frozen in the community and if they do not stop, they will be banned.

Off-Topic Posts: If you found something interesting you'd like to share, like a poem you enjoy, or an excerpt from something you find entertaining please share. Off-topic posts are welcomed with open arms, when valid. I will have no lude or disgusting pictures or posts. As for pictures they are not permitted.

Trolls and other TOA violations...: Trolls are banned immediately. No exceptions, as is anyone else who dis-obeys any of the set rules.

Promotions: Promotions are allowed ONLY WHEN I, Alex the maintainer A.K.A. matgroupie, give you permission and ONLY WHEN I give you permission. My AIM name is located below. As for promoting us...we always love it. Promo banner is here.


Application Requirements (Choose one of the choices listed under your category.):


-A minimum of 3 poems.
-An excerpt from a play, 2-5 scenes.


-A minimum of 1 short story, 3-5 pages long in MICROSOFT WORD font size 12-14.

-A minimum of 3 chapters from a chaptered story, each containing a minimum of 500 words.

-A minimum of 2 examples of creative writing, i.e. one diary entry and one fictional news paper article, both being a minimum of 500 words each.


-One essay, no shorter than 3 pages in length in MICROSOFT WORD, font size 12-14

-A journalism piece, 1,000-1,500 words.

-A speech, no less than 1,000 words.

-A minimum of 2 non-fictional personal pieces, i.e. a letter or a diary entry, both being no less than 1,500 words.

-A debate or rant no less than 1,000 words, allowing room for voters to argue back. In this case you will have to uphold your side of the arguement, hence the word count being substantially smaller. Debating with the voters is compulsory.

*Please note if you are a bit under the word count, we will not hold it against you. It is just a guideline for an application. Please do not be frightened off because your piece is not the exact number of words. It won't hold that much weight in the voting process.

Questionaire [This should come BEFORE your piece entry]:


Topic of conversation:

Opinions on...;

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